Danielle Locicero

Master Stylist

Danielle's career started with accolades as she was top apprentice in all of Alberta the year she graduated. It wasn't long after that she co-founded Voodoo Hair Studio and became master-level certified.

Danielle serves as a creative inspiration in the salon, leading and working with a team of amazing creative stylists.

Instagram: @danilocic


Kylee Eaves

Creative Stylist

Kylee Eaves, or Stylee Rae as she known at Voodoo, is the queen of the blondes and that isn't the only colour service that people adore her for. Stylee is a Rae of sunshine and takes the greatest of care with her work.

Instagram: @styleerae


Nicole Jouan

Creative Stylist

Nicole is a Red Seal certified hairstylist with a passion for delivering amazing ladies colour services. Nicole started her career with Voodoo as a dream assistant and earned top marks in her graduating class. The sparkle in her eyes will brighten your day and the hair she leaves you with will keep you smiling for weeks.

Instagram: @emerald_stylist

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 3.40.37 PM.png

Ainsleigh Werkman

Creative Stylist

Ainsleigh is incredibly talented young artist with more than a flair for funky trendy colours and styles. Ainsleigh is able to push the limits while finding the perfect fit for her client. She offers a full range of cut and colour services for men and women.

Instagram: @theblueeyedhairstylist


Kim Turner

Apprentice Stylist

Kim is an award-winning competition-level apprentice who's colour work never ceases to amaze us! Check out her instagram to see some of her competition and colour work, there's a reason why we call her The Vivid Ninja!

Instagram: @the_vivid_ninja

Jade copy.jpg

Jade Swereda

Apprentice Stylist

Jade never stops dancing, and her clients absolutely love her and the amazing work she does. She is eternally positive and amazingly creative, while offering consistent results for her clients. You'll feel right at home in her chair and are guaranteed smiles.   : )

Instagram: @jadedoesdoos


Kelsey Moffat

Creative Stylist

Kelsey, or  Kels as we call her has been doing hair since 2012. Her favourite hair things to do are coloring and styling. She is constantly learning new techniques, and gives an amazing scalp massage with her services.

Fun facts about her:

  • She is an Aquarius

  • She LOVES video games

  • She is a huge animal lover, literally will talk your ear off about them

  • She is always jamming out to music, especially alternative music

  • She ADORES ice coffee...hint hint, wink wink ;-)

Instagram: @teasehairgirl

Anna Lewcio

Master Esthetician

Anna has extensive esthetics experience and meticulous attention to detail. She provides Waxing, Pedicures, Manicures, Skin Treatments, and more!


Phil Baril

Salon Manager

Phil comes to Voodoo with a BCom in Management from the U of A and over 15 years of management experience. He prides himself in his job to make sure that our Hair Artists have the tools, training, and resources necessary to help make our clients happy.

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Stacey Abdella

Independent Master Stylist

Stacey Shuler-Abdella has been a leader in the Hair Industry for over 23 years. Over the years she has gained knowledge and experience and continues to educate and inspire herself by working with some of the top people in the Industry.  She has a strong desire to inspire and as part of the KMS Canadian Artistic Team she does that in strides. 

Stacey was one of the Top Ten 2016 Canadian Hairdresser of the Year.

Instagram: @stylebystace

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