Voodoo Hair Studio has been turning heads in the Edmonton area since 2015 and is growing faster than ever.

A talented team of stylists have come together to offer diverse, consistent, and creative work.  Visit the beautiful new salon and enjoy the professional treatment and friendly team. 

With Men's and Women's services available, products that really work, and a passion for creating the perfect doo... Voodoo is the place for you.

T H E   T E A M

Danielle Locicero, Creative Stylist

Kylee Eaves, Stylist

Lynne Zwicker, Creative Stylist

Kim Turner, Apprentice Stylist

Ainsleigh Werkman, Apprentice Stylist

Nicole Jouan, Salon Assistant

Lauren Rundell, Apprentice Stylist

Anna Lewcio, Esthetician

Phil Baril, Salon Manager